Focus on the Problem, Not the Person

Mike Milligan |

We often focus all our attention on people. Even financially we do the same thing. We look to entertainers who have podcasts and TV shows for financial advice. Or, we look at a client’s current financial advisor who we are trying to lure a client’s money away from to our strategy. See, the person in the media or the competitor who has a client’s money should never be a consideration in dealing with your money. And, if things don’t go right with our money, we put the blame on a person who more than likely had your best interest in mind. We should not be focused on people; people and their expertise, education and creativity are resources. So what should we focus on in dealing with money?

We should always focus on the PROBLEM. Every great story has a problem that needs solving; we needed Iron Man to defeat Thanos in Avengers because the problem was half the world’s population was gone and needed to come back. Many clients and prospects don’t understand that our financial story has a problem in it. That problem could be:

  1. I need more, secure retirement income.
  2. My money is at risk in the market and should not be at risk.
  3. I have a taxable income problem and need to shield my assets from tax.
  4. What if I die? How do those who depend on me still get their dreams fulfilled?

We often want to focus on people; people create problems for sure. Even when that happens though, we should not waste energy on people who are not going to continue to be in our life. Solve the problem and move on. Financially, the quicker your problems are identified, your story becomes better, your resources are identified and your ideas are executed. So where is your focus? Let me hear from you.