Your life is like no one else’s. Why should your financial plans be any different?

 We believe every person needs their own individual, personalized plan to achieve their dreams, which means we will never sell a one-size-fits-all solution. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients build the unique financial future that allows them to thrive, especially if they’ve never had access to it before. And, through our unbiased, personalized financial advice, clients have been achieving their goals and making an impact for over 20 years.

Start now by sharing your story with us, so we can help you write the next chapter. 

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Mike and I are the same age; I met him through our kids playing soccer together. I had nothing saved for retirement except my company 401(k) plan. As a government contractor, I did not realize the importance of an emergency fund until he explained it and helped me set it up. Then I lost my job as my daughter was entering college; the plan he put in place helped reduce anxiety in our home and I am still on track for an early retirement.

- Josh

Mike has been my financial planner for 18 years. I met him when I was retiring from the Federal Government before the financial crisis and he helped protect my retirement from the loss that many had during 2008-09. He listened and still listens, helping my family have a secure future.

- Steve and Valerie

I have never met a more 'creative' financial planner who will create financial strategies based on where clients are. I have brought dozens of my clients to Mike to help them plan their future. I jokingly call him my analyst, but he has helped them and me reach our goals in ways no other financial planner has ever done.

- Scott

I met Mike as a referral from a co-worker in the hospital I worked at about two years before I retired. I thought I would have to work for five to ten more years. He explained in simple terms how I could retire and put a plan in place. As a single woman, it is just me and he made sure I would be taken care of by putting my money where it needed to be, reviewing it annually and helping set up a trust for my special needs adult daughter.

- Eileen

Mike’s Story

I got into this business at the age of 11 years old, sitting around the dining room table with my grandmother, who asked me to help count her money at the end of a long workday. She didn’t have a bank account, so we stored her money in used coffee cans.

I became her “CFO” that day. She pushed me to be an entrepreneur and, above all, to help people around me. So, essentially, my first client was my grandmother who sold collard sandwiches for a living.

Today, I’m a certified fiduciary with over twenty years experience helping my clients achieve their dreams, but my investment philosophy really hasn’t changed. Count every cent, and for every quarter, save a nickel. And when you add them all up at the end of each day, put a purpose to them.

I’m here to help you walk through your relationship with your money, so we can build a plan for the things you truly value.

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