Stories Resources and Ideas

Mike Milligan |

Great stories happen to those who can tell them.  We have only one life to live but also have two deaths; the first death is the one where we physically die and the other is the last time our name is mentioned on this Earth.

Why do people remember George Washington, Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, Babe Ruth, Winston Churchill, Napoleon, Martin Luther King Jr, Steve Jobs and Mother Theresa?  It is the stories they told, the speeches they made and the legacy they created. And these stories are still told today.  The stories did not appear when they died; they were built over a lifetime of action and influence.

Why is this important to me; a Certified Financial Planner, Financial Advisor and Idea Guy?  I desire that my clients begin expressing their story, out loud, to their loved ones, their closest friends and even me as their trusted financial partner.  When we can help clients craft and tell a story they believe in, it makes saving, growing, protecting, and preserving their money MEANINGFUL!

Stories open the door to resources which are available via the tax code, rules and laws of life insurance, ROTH IRAs, protection planning, Wills and Trusts, Mutual Funds and Annuities. They provide us with the tools to make the financial planning process vital to success.

Ideas, though, are where the money is made.  See, knowing your resources is knowledge; often put in the minds of advisors through corporate training programs and policies and procedure manuals that minimize risk and grow profits of big companies.  IDEAS are wisdom; knowing how to create a tailored plan using tax strategies, products and our minds to build the greatest story ever.

Imagine a retirement with 50% more money built over time using compound interest and protection.  What can you add to your story with that money; a trip around the world, an investment in your grandkids college education that enables them to live a more meaningful life, a new pool in the backyard where you are the life of the neighborhood or even a meaningful contribution to a charity that changes your community?

Stories Resources and Ideas—we are changing the playing field and our competition will come along and change with us.  See, the greatest stories should not be reserved for a select few.  We all can change the world we live in and have a legacy that lasts for decades once our first death comes.  Let’s together turn Ideas into Money and change the future!