The Wobble

Mike Milligan |

Have you done the Wobble at a special event or wedding? When the first beats come from the DJ, there is excitement in the air as many jump right out on the dance floor while others stay planted in their chairs to watch.

There is an unhappy wobble going on daily it seems in our markets due to political concerns and the lack of cooperation between political parties. While part of the world still suffers under the pandemic with outbreaks, surges and virus variants, there remains uncertainty in the financial markets.

We have seen the markets wobble, or go up and down with volatility, all too often since the pandemic started last year. The wobbles represent risk measured in standard deviation when looking over time, which is something we all need to review.

If you are interested in leaving the wobble and relegating it to something you do only at weddings, let’s talk about how we can reduce the risk of market loss for you. Contact Mike today at (757) 909-7151 or set up an appointment here: