Kaitlan Costner | Chief Operating Officer | Ideas By Mike

Kaitlan Costner

Chief Operating Officer

Hey there! I'm Kaitlan, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Ideas by Mike, LLC. In my role, I oversee and manage our day-to-day operations, ensuring they align with our strategic goals. I handle all business submissions and processing, nurture relationships with partners, and keep a close eye on our financial performance.  

I come equipped with licenses in life, annuity, and health insurance in Virginia, and to top it off, I hold a double major in criminal justice and sociology from the Old Dominion University. Oh, and did I mention I recently bagged my education certification in Financial Planning there too? I'm gearing up for the CFP exam – bring it on!

Originally from charming Norfolk, Virginia, I’m a coastal soul through and thorough. I share my cozy home with Benny, my adorable rescue dog, and when I’m not ruling the business world, you’ll find me soaking up the sun at the beach, dancing, or getting creative with craft projects, practicing my hand lettering, decorating my house and collecting house plants.

Prior to Ideas by Mike, I worked for 13 years in the Judicial field, working as a courtroom clerk in Circuit Court, as a paralegal to a high profile criminal defense attorney and as a judicial assistant to a U.S District Court Federal Judge.The shift from the judicial system to the financial industry has been nothing short of liberating, and I couldn't be happier in this dynamic leadership role! Join me in my exciting journey at Ideas by Mike.