Katie | Administrative & Impact Coordinator | Ideas By Mike

Katie Owen

Administrative & Impact Coordinator/Personal Assistant

Hello there! I’m Katie Owen, and I am incredibly honored to be the Administrative & Impact Coordinator at Ideas by Mike, LLC, a role that perfectly aligns with my passion for creating positive change and fostering innovation.

For me, integrity, innovation, collaboration, and excellence are not just words; they are guiding principles that shape every decision I make. I am dedicated to driving strategic and impactful initiatives for our organization, identifying opportunities for growth, and developing and implementing programs that address societal challenges head-on. My goal is to create lasting, positive change in every project I undertake.

Originally hailing from the sandy shores of Virginia Beach, I've found my little slice of paradise in Knotts Island, NC, where I live with my wonderful significant other and our two amazing kids.

I'm a firm believer that life is better with animals, and our home is a lively sanctuary filled with the playful antics of dogs, the clucks of chickens and hens, and yes, even the occasional gobble from our turkey, Mr. P!

In addition to my responsibilities in driving impactful initiatives, I serve as a personal assistant, working closely with our esteemed CEO/Owner, Mike Milligan. In this pivotal role, I ensure seamless communication, efficient time management, and streamlined processes. My aim is to support Mike in scaling our business growth and development, ensuring that our vision becomes a reality.