Kelsey | Director of First Impressions | Ideas By Mike MI

Kelsey Vollmer

Senior Relationship Manger

Hey, I'm Kelsey, the Director of First Impressions at Ideas by Mike, LLC. My job revolves around ensuring that anyone interested in Mike's services feels heard and valued. I handle appointments and make sure everyone gets the information they need about our services. I believe in the personal touch – we're genuine people here, and we want our clients to feel understood and informed about their financial decisions.

I hail from Fairfax, Virginia, right near Washington D.C., and after college, I found my home in Norfolk. I graduated from Old Dominion University with a degree in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Studies, becoming a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist along the way.

Before joining Ideas by Mike, I used to organize programs and activities for residents at an assisted living facility. While I loved my work, the pandemic brought challenges. Now, with Mike, I'm thrilled to keep helping people, albeit in a different capacity.

Smithfield, Virginia is where I hang my hat these days. I'm a beach enthusiast and spend almost every other weekend soaking in the sun on the Hampton Roads beaches. I became a "boat person" after meeting my husband Shawn in 2019. We clicked instantly and after a wonderful two-year engagement, we tied the knot on October 14th, 2023, surrounded by loved ones.

Dogs hold a special place in my heart, right next to Shawn. We have three fur babies: Boone, Norma Jean, and Duke. Boone, our pit bull, was Shawn's rescue . Norma Jean, our French bulldog, is my baby. Duke, a Redbone Coonhound, unexpectedly became a part of our family, and we couldn't resist his charm.

Apart from beach days, boating, and tending to my pups, I love camping. I've been camping since I was a mere 3 months old, and the love for it has stuck with me ever since. It's just another way I cherish life's simple joys.