Liz Mundey | Senior Relationship Manager | Ideas By Mike VA

Liz Mundey

Senior Client Services Manager

My name is Liz and I’m the Senior Relationship Manager here at Ideas by Mike, LLC. My role was designed to give additional support to our clients! I do this by keeping accounts up to date, ensuring information is easy to access and understand, and staying closely connected with our clients to ensure their financial plan stays in alignment with their evolving lives.

I am licensed in general life and insurance and am continuing my education every year in the world of finance. Becoming financially literate and getting to know all of our clients is my favorite part of this job. I truly love what I do, which not everyone can say!

While I was born and raised in Arizona, I spent my twenties traveling the country and it was a blast. When I embarked into my thirties I decided to settle down, get married, and have a baby. Today we have a new puppy (Little Miss Bandita) and our second baby on the way! This is my little piece of the American Dream.

Before working with Mike, I was a National Trainer (4 years), Licensed Massage Therapist (6 years), and a Business Consultant (5 years). The common denominator for all of these jobs is directly impacting people's lives!

Today, I am incredibly grateful to be where I am. Embarking into the financial space has been a gift in my life! I am honored to be part of this team, to be making an impact as a financial office, and to be supporting our clients in a meaningful way.

I look forward to connecting with you!