Vince Parker | Virtual Assistant | Ideas By Mike Virginia

Vince Parker

Marketing Assistant

Hey there, I'm Vince, your go-to virtual assistant and the wizard behind the scenes, making sure our lead conversion efforts are top-notch. Working hand-in-hand with the dynamic duo, Mike and Kelsey, I bring the sales process to life and sprinkle some magic into video editing and production.

I honed my skills at ACLC College of Marbel in the Philippines, where I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology. In my free time, you'll catch me glued to American TV shows and movies, goofing around with my playful puppy, and diving into thrilling video games. If that's not enough, you might find me shooting hoops on the basketball court, conquering mountains, or setting up my campsite. Adventure is my middle name!

Before joining this fantastic team, I rocked the creative world as a Graphic & Layout Designer, and I know my way around video editing like nobody's business. So, buckle up, because with me around, work is not just productive – it's a whole lot of fun!